Gathered Cheer Social trip to lovely Faversham

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

On Saturday the 11th, I took a train together with some very nice girls – Lynne, Sarah, and Ruth for our little trip to Faversham to meet Kate and get to know her new town. I have been there several times, and the more I visit the more I like it. This trip was organsied by Ruth Garner, as part of her Gathered Cheer Social.
I find very important to meet up with people who appreciate the same things as I do, when you work on your own, and spend too much time in your studio, it is good to meet with nice people, share ideas, experiences, dreams, etc…I make a priority to meet up with friends, go to networking events, socialise with new people, sometimes I join a walking group, some others I go to press events, design shows, etc…

Kate gave us a little tour around Faversham, together with Hannah, who lives there too. We explored the town center, the farmer’s market, antique shops, admired the very old English architecture, and walked across the town through the brewery area to the creek. We were blessed with a summery weather, while it was raining back in London, weird English weather...
The Blue shed
The highlight of the day was ‘tea time’ at Kate’s allotment. She had prepared a delicious homemade choice of cakes (her mother baked them) and teas, that we all happily ate while admiring the little blue shed, which Nikalas (boyfriend) has built with so much love.

Kate and Nikalas Shed is the best little house I have never seem. He built it out of scaffolding wood planks. It is such a cosy and pretty space, Kate spend hours in there working on her drawings for her pattern collections. Their allotment is pretty impressive too. They grow veggies, fruits and flowers. They have created the perfect place for relaxing, being creative and entertaining family and friends. I got away with some ideas for my garden, which I will be working on in the next few weeks.
There is an old lady living in the cabin (below) by the creek, all year around. She seems to have it all very organised, cooking area, laundry hanging area near by, etc...I like the romantic idea of it, but I wonder how cold it may get in Winter...
We ended our day at The Yard cafe, a very pretty place in town, for a delicious lunch, and some relaxing time before heading back to London.
Thanks Kate for having us, and to Ruth and Lynne for organizing the gathering, it was a very beautiful trip in great company! 

 Photos by me

Dreaming with a Devol Kitchen

Monday, 6 June 2016

I wanted one of these kitchens from the moment I first came across Devol in some Interior magazines years ago (I am addicted to Interior/design magazines, I have a mini library at home of publications from all the countries I have visited).
My home is very important to me, I tend to spend my little spare money in the house rather than in fashion or eating out, etc…I renovated the bathroom a few years back, but the current kitchen is the original one from when the house was built. It is functional, and in good condition, but not to my taste or as practical as a contemporary kitchen should be.  So I keep dreaming that one day, I would be able to have my ideal kitchen.
I like the handmade aspect of their designs and sustainable production, the textured mix of woods, the neutral use of colour, and beautiful details. I would have a serious problem trying to choose which kitchen to go for, as I am equally in love with the moody dark version, or the rather calm and simple white option, but what about the smoky cabinets on white walls and natural wood?

Sebastian Cox kitchen 
Devol is totally out of my budget, but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating the beauty and quality of their designs. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is exquisite. I had the opportunity of seeing their latest collaboration with Sebastian Cox at Clerkenwell Design Week. The simplicity of the cabinets, and combination of natural wood with the choice of dark stained one is quite a success, the rusty country accessories, and over all the way they styled the space won me over.  
People say that if you focus on your dreams/goals, visualise them, and truly believe that they can happen, that most sure they will become a reality. Margarita will stay focused and will keep dreaming with her new kitchen, maybe it will happen in the next home? 
Photos by Devol


Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Back in London from my trip to Barcelona. This magical city holds a lot of beautiful memories for me, as I studied part of my Degree over there, and is where I met some of my best friends. The main reason for this time's visit was the birth of my friend Pilar's baby, Otto, a gorgeous baby that stole my heart... 
Pilar, lives with her partner Natxi and Otto, in a beautiful flat, very close to Plaza Cataluña, just in the centre of the city. With the upcoming arrival of baby Otto, they decided to make some changes in the rooms and decoration. With a flat as grandiose as this one, it is easy to get immersed in the decorating tasks. They both have a very good taste, and have kept the decor neutral to make the most of the modernists tiles, high ceelings, tall windows and features to speak for themselves.
They have focussed on graphic pieces of art (the top print is one of mine), black and white photography, added some vintage pieces such as the leather chesterfield and chair, combined with more modern pieces of furniture.

Otto's room
Otto's room is a delight, plenty of natural light, white walls, his soon favourite soft toys, and many cushions!! Pilar and Natxi, plan to finish the flat soon – I hope to show the final result at some point – but for the time being I leave you with some snaps of interesting corners and details. Barcelona has got the most amazing architecture and interiors, another location for me to consider, Gran Canaria, the East Sussex coast, Barcelona...
Photos by me