Thursday, 23 April 2015


At chocolate creative, we work alongside some very nice architect and design/interior firms. Over the years, we have created some bespoke orders for various nurseries, schools, hotels, and have worked closely with clients to make on demand colours and sizes wooden knobs for their kitchens.
We will be soon launching a wider bespoke service. I am developing together with Gassy some very nice big format wooden handles and knobs, to be used in wardrobes, fitted cabinets, etc…One of my favourites firms to work with is the creative studio, Nochintz, up in Manchester. They have been using our wooden wall hooks and knobs for different projects. I like their approach to design, using and supporting UK based independent designers/makers and keeping their interiors fresh, contemporary and functional.
Their portfolio is diverse and impressive, here are some images of the work they did for the Natural retreats company and a recent Hotel exhibition in London, on both you can see chocolate creative wall hooks being used in a very practical and creative way.
Photos supplied by NoChintz

Monday, 20 April 2015


Lanzarote is the land of wind, sun and volcanos, rough, simple, peaceful and incredibly beautiful. Yesterday I was browsing AD online, and I came across this house "Esta casa es una ruina" (this is house is in ruins), and I immediately thought it was in Lanzarote, but no, its in the Azores islands, not far from us (Canary islands) though. I was so taken by its simplicity and beauty, what an amazing restoration job the architects and owners have done to this ruined forgotten house. It has always been a dream of mine to retire to my islands and get involved in a similar project. New buildings do not interest me as much as these old houses build to last and using local materials, still standing proudly after so many years…
Images above from Revista AD online, project renovations by SAMI Arquitectos

Terrarium by London Terrariums
Photos of Cesar Manrique House and Foundation in Lanzarote

Thursday, 16 April 2015


SUN is out, and all I can think of is spending some time by the beach, either here in England or back home in Gran Canaria. I fancy the idea of having a beach hut, somewhere not far from London, with an easy commute, of course this is not going to happen any time soon, but since I am free to dream, I have put together some mood boards for my future beach hut.

I find the colourful beach huts of the English coastline very charming, (we don't have them in Canary islands), they are like a miniature house, with very little space, so you have to be very creative to create a cosy and comfortable mini home. I like the idea of translating the outside colours into the indoors theme, using the faded pastels or sometimes bright reds, blues and yellows as the colour palette to decorate the inside space. In my beach hut, I would part away from the most obvious coastal look, and I will try some bold, pretty and colourful homewares, I will find practical solutions, like modern plastic chairs for the outdoor, plenty of wall hooks for hanging towels, kitchen-ware, clothes, etc…cosy blankets, cushions, and small and functional furniture, with plenty of storage. Do you own a beach hut? if so, where about?

Hand dyed linens by Hazel Stark 

Photos by me 

Thursday, 9 April 2015


My background is in graphics, so as well as running chocolate creative I do work on a freelance basis for some customers. Last year I had the opportunity to work on a very nice project, a book about sewing for entrepreneur Roz Davies. She wanted to self-published her first publication. She had a very clear idea about what she wanted to achieve in terms of content and projects/ideas, but in order to make the book happen she needed to gather a small group of professionals, in this case, Roz herself was incharge of the content/drawings, Emily Ross-Joannou was the editor, Piero Pierini took the photos and myself did all the styling, design/production of the book.
I am thrilled with the final result, a gorgeous book, filled with practical and easy to follow instructions about different sewing projects, suitable for all ages. The projects run across the 12 months of the year, going from Winter/Autumn to Spring/summer themes. You can find Roz, teaching her many classes from her shop at Primrose Hill’s Chalcot Road, or at the Lake District new shop/workshop space. 

Here are some snaps of the cover and inside spreads. Styling the photos was a great fun, and designing the book a great pleasure, specially working with such a good team of professionals, which I am very grateful to for making my job easier…

We are available for work, so if you need an editor, photographer and designer, we are around!!
Photos by Piero Pierini | Images and book copyright Roz Davies | Editorial by Emily Ross-Johannou
Design and styling by Margarita Lorenzo (ME)

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Here are some snaps of my recent trip to Rye, very short and indeed cold visit to this little town in East Sussex. I love the English countryside, and discovering all these little towns and villages, they are very pretty and still maintain much of the character of the period when they were created. Rye is famous for its antiques shops, Tudor architecture and Nature reserve. I enjoyed the short visit, but I wish the weather would have been warmer and sunnier and that we had a few more days to explore the area. I liked getting lost in the narrow streets, admiring the old houses and little shops.
The highlight was the very windy and chilly walk in Rye harbour, and see this little pink and black shed in the middle of nowhere.
I am planning my next escape to the countryside…A good piece of advice, research well the trains, it took us a good 3 hours to get there from London, best way is to jump on the fast train from St Pancras, or travel from Victoria Station, oh, and don't forget your scarf, hat, gloves and rain coat, you can never predict the English weather…
Photos by me | Rye

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


If I had more than 1 house, I will decorate them quite differently, I will keep some elements the same, but I will try different pieces and styles. I treat my house as a playground for my interior ideas, testing and trying furniture, colours, etc...every time my friends come around, they spend a good few minutes wondering what I have changed since they last were here. I move furniture around, paint the walls, add new cushions or vintage pieces, etc... Las week, I was invited to a press event organsied by Houzz and hosted at HQ in Chelsea. I always laugh (I rather laugh than cry) at the fact that depending on where you are in London, views on life, people's behaviours/manners, income, styles, etc...can vary so much from place to place, people who knows London well will know what I am talking about. Get the train form Peckham to Chelsea, (a 30m ride) and you will see what I mean, needless to say I am a Peckham girl!!
For me, there are a few essentials pieces in a house, a good big comfy bed, a decent good sofa, and a big steady dining table. The aim now is to achieve a decent budget to go on the hunt for these perfect pieces. One of my favourite shops to look for a sofa is, I like their quality, style and variety of designs and fabrics to choose from, I particularly like their latest collaboration with independent brand Thornback and Peel, the end result is quirky and fun. I would choose a more classic style for my house in London, and a more modern modular one for the house in Gran Canaria, (remember this is me day dreaming! I am allow, yeah!) I leave you with plenty of inspiration, choose from a neutral grey in linen, or a more pattern based design, there are so many to choose from!
In love with this cosy bedroom and bed
Photos by

Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Choices and more choices…I have started looking for a new dining table, as I am rearranging things at home, and I am going a bit crazy as I can't make a decision on which style to go for. The piece would be decided by budget, (quite reduced, almost none existing right now), and yes I know, all the ones I like are quite above my initial budget, but I rather wait, save and get what I really want. 

I am in two minds, I like the vintage look, I LOVE second hand pieces, wood that shows the past of time, etc…but as my mother alway says, "Marga, you got too many old things in your house"…I hope she is not referring to me!! and at the same time I would like to start getting more new contemporary pieces and mix them with my old ones. The search for that perfect table has started and I am even more confused, so many gorgeous pieces, by amazing brands, and makers. 

I don't spend much on clothes, but I do buy things for my home, I love furniture, specially chairs, lamps, and home-wares in general, so I never feel guilty when buying for the house. 
What is your favourite style? suggestions and ideas are welcome!

Links to all the vintage style photos and for more inspiration, see my pinterest board.  
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