Thursday, 4 September 2014


I spend a great part of my spare time looking at interiors magazines and books, leave alone Pinterest, blogs, etc... I love designing products, but equally enjoy putting together ideas and decorating spaces. My designs have always happened from a need, my first ever product was a cushion, why? because I needed a few for my sofa and bed, plus I love working with fabrics, whatever products came afterwards were defined by what I could produced within my skills, knowledge and budget and of course needed it in my own house, like the hooks and knobs, as I like renovating furniture.

I often get inspired by interior photos, it could be a colour scheme, a theme or I simply get ideas for photographing my products. Veronica posted this gorgeous photo (above) of her new house on Instagram, and I instantly got inspired by it, love the linen sofa by MADE, plus of course my English Romantic red lake cushion in it. Link to all the products on the mood board at the end of the post. Enjoy and get inspired by simplicity and style being achieved with well designed and quality products.


Monday, 25 August 2014

Helo rainy Monday and lovely people out there, nice weekend? mine was good and busy indeed. Last week I went to visit and buy a few things from the pop-up shop that artist Rosaline Schweiker and designer Jo Waterhouse set up in my local area, Nunhead.
I have a lot of respect and admiration for people that follow their dreams and take risks in life, specially when it comes to being an entrepreneur and try to make your own business happen. Not every creative person/designer/artist have the desire to open an space/shop, specially since owning a shop would see you at times becoming more of a shop keeper than the creative person you are. There are a lot of amazing independent shops happening in London, I wonder if there is a going back to brick and mortar? What do you think? Opening these spaces represent quite a risk, as the set-up cost and running of the business are much higher that running your shop online, but for me, having a physical space has always being a DREAM and something I am hoping to achieve in the future, hopefully sooner than later...
I absolutely loved the space that Jo and Rosaline put together for the pop-up shop, which is now closed as it was a temporary space only. They have created such a beautiful and cosy place where to shop for Jo's designs and vintage finds to other artists work. Every time I stepped in, I felt welcomed and inspired, so well done girls!!
I leave you with some snaps of their space and work, off to carry on working and wishing for the rain to stop and the sun to shine…too soon to be in Winter mood yet!.
Photos by me

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Despite being sunny in London, (well it can rain anytime, I can spot the grey dense clouds from my window), I am in the mood for some mysterious English romance stories, Jane Eyre is one of my favourites novelists. I love the Victorian aesthetic, the drama and passion, the English landscapes and nature. I have been doing lots of walks through woodlands and forests in London and near by, these places have an energy difficult to resists, and are a great source of inspiration, it is in this themes that I have based my English romantic collection, (new designs coming soon). 

You can create some of this romanticism in your interiors, by adding some vintage paintings, old linens, plenty of wild flowers, pieces of furniture with character and some accessories such as cushions, hooks, knobs, bed panels, with interesting patterns and colours, don't be afraid of mixing colours, patterns and styles, create your very personal style, it is your home after all!
Photos by Piero Pierini | me | John Cullen | Melanie Molesworth | rest I can't find the credits


I just added some new colours to the wooden knobs and hooks range. Mustard, lilac and green forest, more coming soon. Happy Shopping!

Monday, 11 August 2014


Welcome Monday, I hope you all had a good weekend and are feeling ready to take on another week!! 
For me, it has been quite an stressful and eventful weekend, but I have now returned to normality. 

A few weeks ago I went to visit designer Charlene Mullen's NEW shop in London, located at 7 Calbert Street, Shoreditch. I met Charlene back in 2008 at 100% design, and since them have followed her career and success. The more I get to know her, the more I respect and admire her hard work and determination, of course it helps that she is lovely. Not every designer out there, has the desire to open a shop, but I think that for us, it is very important to have a showroom where people can come in to appreciate the products and talk to us face to face.

Some of us work from home (me), some others have studios/workshops, but opening a shop, is altogether a different responsibility and big risk that at some point in our business, we may decide to take on, knowing that we will have to face the shop keeping as well as carrying on with the designing and running of the business. For all these reasons are more, I send you, Charlene, my congratulations, for making your gorgeous shop happening, long life to it young lady!! 
One of the her latest products, is a collaboration with Royal Doulton, a striking B&W new tableware range of ceramics, now available at her shop, and other retailers. I have my eye set on the dinner plates!! 
What to find in her new shop, her signature cushions, lampshades, cute cats and a selected range of other interior's products from some of the best British designers and artists. 
Photos by me

Friday, 8 August 2014


Hello everybody, another week has gone by and we continue to have what seems to be, one of the best Summers in London in a long not complaining!!  I have been wanted to show you the instalation called "As above, so below" of landscape designer Daniel Lobb for the Siobhan Davies Studios, where I go for my pilates classes with Laura Guarnera, (I totally recommend her classes).
Daniel Lobb creates a large-scale installation and internal water cycle which extracts the humidity generated from the sweat and breath of dancers in the Studios to sustain plant colonies within a suspended copper rill. Demonstrating that there are many ways to grow plants indoors, Lobb aims to match the ingenuity of plant systems, opening up new possibilities.
I have totally fallen in love with his work, so delicate and unusual, he has inspired me to grow my indoor plants collection, and play with the idea of hanging and using them in different ways, my problem is that I am not good with plants, the poor things give up on me very quickly...but I will keep trying. His work is worth seeing, and if you fancy some dance or pilates, Siobhan Davies is the place to go, it is amazing there. 
Photos by me and Gorminator

Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Hello everybody, so far it continues to be hot and sunny in London, so all good, considering how bad our last Summer was. I am planning to get away at some point soon, I need to be by the seaside and get a break from work and London, as much as I enjoy my job and this city, I need to recharge batteries away from the big buzz...
A few weeks ago, I went to HEAL's launch of their AW2014 designer's pieces collections. It was a sunny and lovely day, so I was not in the mood for Winter colours or fabrics, etc…but for my surprise I was presented with a fresh and natural collection of furniture pieces, which included lots of light colour wood in the form of chairs, sofas and gorgeous tables, such as the JAC side table above by Gavin Coyle, together with very interesting lighting and accessories designs. I really enjoyed the different materials, and shapes, and most important the fact that these pieces didn't fit a Winter trend as we will all expect. 
I am not into trends, or seasons, my work does't reflect trends, but my own ideas and very personal taste, whether or not they fit into an specific trend is all together a different matter, of course we all look at the same things and end up getting inspired by what is around us.

That is why I found HEAL's furniture preview very refreshing and in tune with nature and  craftsman-ship. They support somehow the work of designers, and that, I value very much, whether or not it is profitable for us, independent designers to to work alongside big stores, that I keep for myself...
Photos via HEAL'S

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


I have recently finished printing the NEW botanical series art prints at a local printing studio, Sonsoles Print Studio, in Peckham, 5 minutes away from my home/studio. I used to print at home, but since I spent quite a bit of money on a new bathroom with white tiles I decided that it wasn't a very good idea to continue the printing at my home based studio, (I cried every time is saw the splashes of black ink on the new tiles), plus my set up is not ideal, specially for big format prints. 

I have always enjoyed printmaking, specially the screen printing process, I love getting messy, mixing the inks and seeing the final results, not so much all the preparation, cleaning, washing off the screens, ink all over my hands, nails, arms and clothes...

The latests series is about botanicals, cactus, and related family of plants, I get inspirations from the gardens back home in Gran Canaria, Kew Gardens and the Barbican center in London, photos I see on internet, magazines, exhibitions, etc...I try to plan my work, but I seem to improvise lots to. I am not a very organised person when it comes to my ideas and creative process, I am in fact a bit all over the place, that is why my work can look so different at times, but somehow I bring cohesiveness into it, by using the same colours, applying the same techniques, using the same materials and finally styling the photos to bring them all together. 

Monday, 21 July 2014


Hello Monday and everybody!! It is still very warm and sunny in London, so not complaining, although a trip to the beach wouldn't hurt with these temperatures...Since I am not having holidays this Summer, I am trying to take work easy and spend some days not doing much, but as much as I like the idea, I don't seem to manage to slow down, but to the contrary, keep working and working...When you run your own business, there are always things to do, plan for, etc...but there is time for meeting with friends, naps, going to the park, long walks, ballet, etc...too.

We recently had an afternoon tea at My dear friend Kate's cute flat, that she shares with boyfriend illustrator Nikalas. Apart from stuffing my face with different cakes, biscuits, and wash it all with plenty of tea, I took some photos of their colourful and cosy flat.

They both love children's books, graphics, colours, design, patterns, cute ceramics, etc...They got a great eye for mixing colours, with patterns and vintage pieces with more modern ones.
You can normally tell by someone's work how their home may be decorated, and that is the case with Kate's home-ware line, (pictured below). her work is full of colour, and gorgeous shapes, very Scandinavian and fresh, just like her home!

Photos by me
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